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Interview with Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi
Question: What would Shahid Afridi be doing today if he had never become a cricketer?

Shahid Afridi: If I didn't play international cricket, I would have joined the Army.

Question: Did anyone coach your style of batting or is it completely natural?

Shahid Afridi: It's natural, I never had a coach teach me, my style of batting, nor do I believe in coaching at an international level.

Shahid Afridi

Question: Are you surprised that your 37 ball century record hasn’t been broken yet?

Shahid Afridi: Do you want someone to break it?

Question: Do you think you can break it again?

Shahid Afridi: No i don't think I could break it again but then records are there to be broken.

Question: Which other players do you think could break it?

Shahid Afridi: Who ever has a good game on their day could break it.

Question: Who were your cricketing heroes both Pakistani and non-Pakistani?

Shahid Afridi: Imran Khan was my ideal. Other than him I enjoyed watching Mark Waugh, Lara, Sachin & Inzi bhai.

Question: Have you ever been at the crease with a batsman, who was out-hitting, be it Ijaz, Imran Nazir, Razzaq, Azhar? Have you ever been challenged by another batsman to see who can score the fastest.

Shahid Afridi: Never, they don't want to try it.

Shahid Afridi
Question: You've already hit 303 International sixes; tell us about the most memorable sixes you've ever hit?

Shahid Afridi: I can remember about 3 or 4 years back during the VB series I hit some big sixes off McGrath and Lee's bowling, they're two of the best ODI bowlers in the world and I'd never thrashed their bowling before so that was some very memorable six hitting for me.

Question: What bowler have you most enjoyed hitting sixes against?

Shahid Afridi: It was during the same VB series and the bowlers were McGrath and Lee.

Question: What was your best performance with the ball in any form of cricket?

Shahid Afridi: It was under Inzi Bhai's captaincy during the
Bangalore test match vs India, my 3 wickets in the 2nd innings broke the Indian middle order and I'll never forget the way we won that match.

Question: What has been your best performance with the bat in any form of cricket?

Shahid Afridi: The 141 runs in scored in Chennai vs
India is an innings that I remember vividly to this day.
Shahid Afridi
Question: We've seen you bowl an 85 MPH spin delivery, why don't you bowl as quickie?

Shahid Afridi: Actually I started out as a fast bowler but people told me that I was chucking the ball, so I changed to spin.

Question: Did you ever consider becoming a fast bowler; you have the physique and power of a fast bowler so why did you choose to bowl spin?

Shahid Afridi: No, you see fast bowling is not an easy job. Especially if you are also a batsman as well as being a fast bowler, a fast bowler has to work harder than any other cricketer on his fitness.

Shahid Afridi
Question: Do you still bowl fast in the nets?

Shahid Afridi: No I just stick to my leg spin.

Question: Your faster ball has enabled you to take many wickets. Why have you stopped bowling this type of delivery?

Shahid Afridi: The reason for that is that my faster delivery causes problems for the wicket keepers.

Question: Most cricketers want to make a name for themselves in Test cricket and they give more importance to their Test careers but you are more concerned about ODIs and dont seem to enjoy Test cricket even though you've been very successful when playing Test matches, why is that?

Shahid Afridi: (gets quite passionate about his answer) It's not that I don't like to play Test cricket, that's not the issue. They dont play me. There's no consistency in the way I'm picked to play Test cricket. Sometimes I'm playing and other times I dont even make the squad and it makes me think maybe its better that I just dont play any Test cricket at all. But as of now I really want to play Test cricket, I know that at this moment, the team needs me and I would do anything for the team.

Shahid Afridi
Question: Why did you retire from Test cricket and what made you change your mind and come back?

Shahid Afridi: It was a rash decision on my part; I didn’t think it through properly before making the announcement. My well wishers were very upset with me and they convinced me that I should reverse my decision so I came back.

Question: Do you find that the constant crowd anticipation for you to hit every ball for 6 affects the way you bat? How do you counter act this? Does crowd pressure make you try to hit sixes every ball?

Shahid Afridi: It's very difficult for me because the plans I have in my head before I go out to bat get forgotten, when I go out there it's like hitting a wall of sound and I forget whatever we had discussed minutes earlier in the dressing room.

Question: How do you cope with pressure like that?

Shahid Afridi: (switches to English) I'm not very strong mentally, I'm straight forward.

Question: If in a few years in the future you became captain of
Pakistan, what changes would you make?

Shahid Afridi: If I am ever given the captaincy, I will be very tight on my players to keep them in line.

Question: Do you think the
Pakistan team of the last few years has been aggressive enough?

Shahid Afridi: Not really, we havent been aggressive enough.

Question: Is there any truth to the rumors that there is tension between you and Malik because on the field you always seem very close and friendly with each other.

Shahid Afridi: We get along just fine. It is sad that some people in the media like to create stories to sell their media, without any real facts to back up their stories.

Question: You're known as "The Beast" because of the way you destroy bowling and attacks and bowlers on the pitch. Do you have any beastly messages or quotes for your huge fan base?

Shahid Afridi: The only thing I would say to my fans is always try to understand and educate yourselves on the reasons why Allah has given you life, do that part first then enjoy the rest of life and Chill out...

Shahid Afridi

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